This is a blog about the journey we share.  We may be different people, with different beliefs, different life path choices, and even live in different cultures, yet this is about the journey common to us all.  This is our shared story of fundamental insight, of growth, of awareness, of our mutual recognition of oneness, and our personal emergence within this unfamiliar landscape we have all been given to travel.  It is not about our journey through life, our choices, or careers and relationships; it is about the journey of life, the journey inside.

I am an artist.  I have spent my life in the theatre; I am a writer, producer, director, actor, and comedian.  This means that I have spent a ridiculous amount of time observing people, musing over the human condition and its folly, and doing my best to mimic and mirror it in order to throw it back at you for your consideration.  My niche is Interactive Theatre, a high-touch form where the lines between actor and audience are blurred and at times non existent.  This has required me to think deeply about the mosaic of what makes us human, what moves us and why.  I think a lot.

This blog is my story and my musings on existence;  just as my theatre work is rather pointless without an audience, so too these thoughts in my head are useless without a listener.  They also take up a lot of space, so it’s good to get them out.  My currency is insight and humor, and this is my way of repaying you for the beautiful experience of a life in Art.  I present them in no particular order or chronology, but as they occur to me.  I also have a bit of catching up to do.  I hope they resonate with you and offer enjoyment and meaning.

Herein, therefore, are my on-going thoughts, stories, and adventures in my vain, inglorious, and often humorous struggle to maintain balance and direction on the course of my own best destiny, a place I call,  “The Amber Road.”