This is my daughter Madi at six.  After working as a Show Director for the big D for ten years with no child; I had determined that even though Daddy wasn’t a big deal at the Parks anymore, I would take her to WDW every year, and so I have. She has been every year since she was three.  Lucky girl, she gets Disney Magic and Daddy’s corporate cynicism all in the same day.  I still know some wonderful people there, and Madi gets to be treated extra special.  It’s great showing your child your old stomping grounds, especially when your job is making people happy.  It is a guilt-free zone for spoiling the hell out of a little girl too, which is a lot of fun.  This is three years ago at our stay at Wilderness Lodge, post Princess Make Over. Tiring a kid out on vacation so that they (and you) will get some sleep is a time honored tradition, but does not have to be strenuous for you. It’s also fun to lie like crazy, because you can get away with it.

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