October 23 to November 22 is Scorpio month if you’re an astrology fan. Today is Halloween, and if you have a birthday on this day you have a sun sign in Scorpio. I know a few people born on this day, including my best friend Douglas, happy birthday Doug!

In fact, I have a great many close friends and acquaintances that are Scorpios, more than I should have as a Leo, and I have been trying to think why. I love Scorpios; I adore Scorpios. Who would have thought so with an astrological symbol of such a spikey, creepy crawly thing as a scorpion? So what’s so good about these scary creatures? Scorpios feel things more deeply than you and I are capable of (no matter what sign you are), and you can learn a lot from that if you pay attention.   They are passionate and devoted people who make fiercely loyal friends.

If you will forgive more astrological generalizations, and allow for the variance in the art, Scorpios are one of the few signs that will look directly at you, straight into your eyes without the slightest hesitation. Most people will turn away from that deep watery stare, not because its scary, but because there is so much beauty revealed there that it could be overwhelming. Not me, I love it, then again I’m a Leo, and we love the challenge.

Scorpion3Everyone knows that scorpions have those big nasty stingers on their tail always poised to strike. So too do Scorpios, you don’t want to piss one off, those suckers hurt like hell. It helps to understand that they have to have that defense to protect all that deep emotion they carry around. If you are lucky enough to have one love you, in friendship, family or love relationship, they also use it to protect and defend you; they are incredibly devoted to those they care about. Besides, everyone knows that most scorpions are not poisonous, and of the few that are, very few are deadly.

One of the things I love most about Scorpios is their tendency to be blunt. When they do have something to say, you will hear it, loudly and clearly, and I so appreciate that. That puts some people off, but that’s just because they’re stupid.

I am a man, and a confirmed hetero at that, (that means straight), and so my relating between Scorpio men and women is different. With Scorpio men I befriend, I find a deep abiding trust and mutual admiration. They are a lot of fun to hang around with, and conversations are always useful and engaging. They are the best of friends; smart, honest, and loyal.  When they are angry, you can smell the smoke from a block away. When they vent, you just have to stand there and wait until they’re done, and for God’s sake don’t try to talk them out of it. They know how they feel and you are not going to change that, so never try to “talk them down”.

I have a great many Scorpio women friends, and I just love them.  Oddly, I have never had a love relationship with one, but then again I have the idiotic habit of choosing every other choice other than the ones I know I like, just in case. You know what I mean? Hand me a box of chocolates and I’ll pick the nasty strawberry creams before the caramels, and why? Why? Because I’m an idiot, that’s why. (I mean no offence to strawberry creams; many people find them delicious!). Scorpio women are right up there with Aries and Libra in my book of dreams, but they do make excellent friends.

I would rather have a conversation with a Scorpio woman than any other person. They are brilliant, all of them, and endlessly fascinating. Oh yes, and blunt, when they know what they want to say. The downside to Scorpio women, generally, is that they have a very difficult time articulating their feelings. For creatures that feel more than any other creature on the planet, you’d think they would, but perhaps that is precisely why they do not. You just have to grant them that, and deal with the quiet.  This can be quite frustrating, unless you enjoy puzzles.

Want to have some fun? Try opening a door for a Scorpio woman (this cracks me up!). Gender equality my foot, they just want to keep you in range of that stinger! I have observed that many men avoid Scorpio women, but that’s just because they’re woosies (right ladies?).

It is sad in a way that Scorpios have such an off-putting symbol. Scorpions are the most feared of insects. Most people will face a spider over a scorpion any day. I wonder why we don’t see more of them on Halloween? To me they are mysterious and fascinating things, and the danger is part of the appeal.

Scorpio people are not scary, and perhaps they are unfairly regarded as such. So on this Halloween, a night we revel in scary things, I would like to give a shout out to my Scorpio friends, and ask that you all take a closer look at Scorpios. They are truly miraculous, brilliant, and lovely people. You needn’t be so cautious, just keep an eye on that stinger!

There is a lesser known, but none-the-less fully attributable symbol used in association with the astrological sign of Scorpio, and that is the Eagle.

Happy birthday Doug!

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  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever read anything that’s made me happier to be a Scorpio… I’ve always known I was in good company, but usually figure everyone else thinks we’re odd. Thanks for taking the sting out of our stingers! 😉


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